From the toothpaste you use in the morning to the book you read at night, corn plays a part in nearly every aspect of our lives.

The majority of tabs created for CORN include corn in its iconic on-the-cob incarnation. This corn, known corn-- sweet, yellow, and uniform-- has a lovable immediacy. But this corn accounts for the crop's least significant use.

Corn is more often used as food for food, somewhat often as a secret ingredient in non-corn foods, occasionally in foods that pay homage to the on-the-cob kind.

Corn is often found in non-foods as varied as aspirin, diapers, perfumes and 3d prints. Corn is a solution.

Corn is a solution and corn is a problem.
Corn is a solution and corn is a problem.

Corn is sometimes the solution to its own problem.
Corn confounds

Corn...would not exist if it weren't for the humans that cultivated and developed it. It is a human invention, a plant that does not exist naturally in the wild. It can only survive if planted and protected by humans.
-camp silos

Corn is a solution developed by humans. Corn is a solution. Corn is also a problem. Corn problematizes the problem/solution model. When did growth become overgrowth? Why is great weather terrible news for corn farmers?

More corn grows each year, seeding itself deeper in a complex system of dependencies. At the same time, a certain corn, known corn, remains immediate. A corny thought: each kernel, the on-the-cob-kind and not, come from a field of corn. Not a solution, but a connection.

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